• That Misty Type

    What is your favorite type of weather? My favorite weather is the kind that you just can’t get out of your mind. It simply gives you the cozy feels. When you breathe the air has a mist that helps you breathe deeply. It’s not too cold and it’s not humid and warm. It’s got just…

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  • Walk Into A New Month

    Walk into April with a new food mindset.

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  • Divorce In Japan

    I am here to tell a story. It is personal and it will not be the full story but I am here to be louder about it because this is TOP NEWS. There are thousands of parents in Japan (foreign and Japanese) who are losing contact with their children after divorce, a growing number every…

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  • Shoes Off

    Look at this picture. This is simply a reminder to take your shoes off at the door when you get home. You do not want the city streets all over your home.

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  • Track Your Progress

    If you have been following my artwork journey you may find that I have been changing things up a bit lately. Late last year I decided to stop selling physical products made by me in my Etsy Shop. I am also taking a break from drawing mandala art and trying out different creations. If you…

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