Wednesdays Essential Oil Choice

Every Wednesday I will be sharing oils that I hand-pick from my collection. They will be something that relates to how I am feeling and they may be very random.


This week I chose White Fir & Bergamot. I just ordered the White Fir for my husband because it seemed so “manly” to me. I have not used it till today and the choice of adding it to my diffuser with Bergamot was very interesting.


Bergamot: The oil of Self-Acceptance.

Bergamot relieves the feelings of despair, self-judgment and low self-esteem. Building confidence, optimism and self-acceptance.

I found this to be interesting because I am in the middle of drawing a mandala for my internship and totally got distracted with feeling really low about how the drawing was turning out. Which is basically the opposite of what one “should” feel when creating mandalas, but it happens and it happens often. Many people get very self conscious when they are drawing, especially if it is something they do not do often. Even I have feelings like this and I draw almost every day. These feelings are quite normal and I believe that paying attention and nourishing these feelings when they come up is very important. That is why I knew in that moment it was time to chose a nice blend for my diffuser so I could carry on with my artwork.

White Fir: The Oil of Generational Healing

White Fir addresses generational issues. Patterns and traditions are passed down from family member to family member. Some patterns are positive, while others are negative and  destructive. White Fir assists you with creating new pathways. It helps guide you in breaking these patterns and helps individuals stay true to the path of healing.

The aroma of this blend is very different, like nothing I have smelled before. There are layers to it, I like it. I think it is really interesting to just choose two oils randomly and see how the blend turns out, and then take the time to read up on those choices.

I often use this wonderful book Emotions & Essential Oils A Modern Resource for Healing for guidance when I am curious as to why I chose certain oils.


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