Women’s Wellness

It’s time for Tuesday sharing! I am all about wellness and when I started 2016 I had decided it would be my year of creativity and wellness. In January 2016 I signed up for a program called Body Bliss. Step by step or should I say Key by Key I have made some very important changes in my style of living.

“It’s a 12 part online membership program that offers you a feminine approach to Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition, Self Development and Lifestyle.” -Shivani

I am a true believer that making life changes takes a lot of patience and self love. Shivani takes you on a 12 part program (12 Keys) that opens your heart and helps you move into small transformations that you use daily. Her style is juicy, passionate and playful. It’s also helpful that she keeps in mind that we are all busy these days, the “Bliss Breaks” are only 9-15 minutes long. Easy to fit into your daily schedule and well worth every minute.

“I am flowing into loving my body, letting go of the monkey mind and being here&now with the Body Bliss rituals. There is an art to being a woman and Shivani will awaken your feminine bliss.” – Heather Minowa

Learn more today and step into your true self, one key at a time.

Published by Heather Dettmann

Mandala Artist drawing mandala art inspired by nature. Body Movement for our mind.

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