Nature Mandala

I have been having some rough days… last night and today was full of anxiety and strange feelings. I should have gone outside after all my morning meetings to be in nature. Being around plants and fresh air always help me. But I didn’t and I pretty much suffered through my day, until I pulled myself together and used some oils and chilled out!

Something to learn is to not let other people’s opinions ruin your day. I am slowly learning how to take care of myself, especially when someone’s opinion or the way they handled a situation doesn’t settle well. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, no doubt. But.. I personally believe we would live on a much better planet if everyone learned how to approach a subject from their heart, not in an obscure way that could hurt another’s feelings.

With all that is a nature mandala I created last weekend in a park near my home. Autumn colors are brilliant in Japan and I feel so blissed out after creating with all these colors.



Published by Heather Dettmann

Mandala Artist drawing mandala art inspired by nature. Body Movement for our mind.

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