Learning Advice & Coriander

This was part of my morning read. Fascinating!
When I first started using my oils I was so overwhelmed. I thought I needed to know everything right away, I had zero patience with myself and all I wanted to learn. And then I decided to take on the business side of dōTERRA! Haha!!! How in the world was I going to have time for all of that?!

I’m now a year into it I am so incredibly thankful that I took on this adventure with dōTERRA. I learn new things everyday, I’m getting slimmer, happier, smarter, better at communicating, listening, more patient, financially stable, meeting tons of amazing people around the world, I am learning how to plan my days, weeks and months better so I can spend more time with my kids. I have WAY more energy and purpose, less stress and I am able to choose my own schedule that works for me at this time! This is a lifestyle, there’s nothing to rush. Learning about the oils is a daily practice, and it’s super inspiring!

Today is the new moon and for me that means stepping into a new monthly cycle. Even though it feels far from spring on this rainy cold day (I even saw snow flakes this morning) I’m ready to embrace this new season. I am preparing for my big trip to Yokohama, in June,for my first big dōTERRA Convention (can’t wait!!!!) I was able to cut back on teaching hours this year so I can focus on this business and my family and most importantly my wellbeing. Because if I’m not happy and well, all else will fall apart around me.

My advice when starting to learn about these oils is to start using them daily, learn little by little and have patience. Ask me questions, read things that I post, and ask questions on my Facebook Page. Let’s learn together. It will all make sense day by day. Have fun with it! Have a wonderful week my friends!

Contact me if you want to know more about a wholesale account so you can get started on this oil adventure.
If you’re interested in the business side connect and I’ll fill you in on all the fun.


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