Enrollment Promotion For May 2017!!


This is a great month to dive into a Wholesale Account or upgrade your Preferred Member account, let me explain why.

doTERRA is offering a great enrollment promotion this month. When you enroll with a Wellness Advocate account, which is the best deal with the biggest discount. You do not have to sell and there are no monthly order minimums with this account. From May 1st to June 1st when you enroll with 100PV you and I get 50 points towards FREE products!!!

If you are currently a Preferred Member and you want to upgrade for the better discount, for only 1,000¥ you and I will get 50 points towards FREE products!

Let me explain “PV”

Each oil has a Product Volume (PV). For example a bottle of Lemon oil cost 1,500¥ wholesale cost and has 14PV. So as you order your PV adds up. This is why I always suggest going with an enrollment kit when you start, because enrollment kits start at 120PV.

The oils below come in the Essential Collection kit, the oils are in 5ml bottles in the kit, and are the basic and best oils to begin with, I call them the chakra oils.

In addition to getting the new Wellness Advocate account with the 25% discount. You will get a gift from me and as much mentoring as you desire, including a 30 minute Skype call to go through your oils so you know how to use them. Plus all the great information I share about the benefits of these amazing oils.

Are you ready to get that account now? Let’s do this together! Contact me so we can get started today!

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