Solar Eclipse Essentials

Here we are hours away from a total solar eclipse. This eclipse will be seen across America and it is quite a spectacular amount of energy! Here in Japan, we will be tucked into our beds as it will be somewhere between 1-2am when the total eclipse happens in Oregon where thousands of people from around the world have gone to see this event.

I plan to wake up in the night to do a short meditation during the eclipse, even though we can not see it over here I can certainly feel the energy of it and many others I have talked with today feel the same.

I came up with a wonderful eclipse mix for the grand event! I am absolutely loving the oils I was drawn to today.


Frankincense will support you when you are feeling disconnected with your truth. It is a very powerful oil and is often used during meditation and yoga. It attracts wisdom and connection.
I suggest one drop on your 3rd eye, between your eyebrows and one drop on the top of your head in the same area that babies have soft spots. One drop on your throat is pretty divine as well. You can also put a drop in your palms, rub palms together and cup over your nose taking 3 deep breaths.

Clary Sage is one of my favorites and was my very first doTERRA oil purchase. It helps balance our hormones and brings clarity when feeling blocked.
Apply two drops on your 2nd chakra or where your ovaries are, the area below your belly button. I find this to be super relaxing.

The last oil I suggest applying along with the other two protocols mentioned above is Earth Rhythm also known as Balance the grounding blend. If you are feeling scattered this beautiful blend can help ground you and give you the inner strength to move forward with your dreams and desires.
Apply one drop on the bottom of each foot and one drop behind each ear.

You can also add these three oils to your diffuser.
3 drops of Earth Rhythm
1 drop of Clary Sage
1 drop of Frankincense

*If you have a bigger diffuser you can add a few more drops of each if you want a stronger blend.

Where ever you are during this eclipse (I know there are a lot of big parties happening right now) stay hydrated. Drink water…lots of water!

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