Orange is known as The Oil Of Abundance

Helps with these negative emotions: Scarcity, overly serious, rigid, dull, workaholic, lack of energy.

This is a FANTASTIC oil to use on diffuser jewelry especially if you are feeling a bit blue during the winter. It is a great pick-me-up!

Companion Oils: Tangerine, Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Red Mandarin

Inhale from the bottle, use a diffuser or add a drop to your hands, rub, and inhale.

Apply 1-3 drops over sacral chakra (upper stomach)

Orange can also help with insomnia and stress. Diffuse or inhale from your hands when you are feeling down, especially in the winter months.

When you are having a difficult time concentrating you can add Peppermint and Orange oil to your diffuser or add one drop of each in your hand, rub, and inhale. This works brilliantly!

For cooking, you can add one drop of Orange to sweets like frostings or chocolate bark.

When using essential oils for cooking and internal use I only use doTERRA Essential Oils. doTERRA does extensive testing on their oils and is absolutely the purest oils I have ever used. You can check the 6 digit number and letter on the bottom of every bottle for the test results by going to this website and adding your number to receive the quality report.

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