30-Day Whole Clean Living Challenge

October was a month of rebooting for me so I decided to take on a 30-day Whole Clean Living Challenge.

The Whole Clean Living Challenge was 30 days of eating whole foods so no processed foods, gluten, caffeine, alcohol and most dairy products. I stuck to it for the 30 days with maybe a day or two where I ate something that was not on the challenge. There were loads of delicious recipes, shopping lists, and menus included which is exactly what I needed.

Movement and meditation was also part of this challenge. There were daily emails that helped keep us on track with moving our bodies more often and inspiring us to meditate every day.

The 30 days is up and I am left with feeling inspired to think differently about how I eat and reminding myself to get up and go for more walks way more often.

The Whole Clean Living Challenge is over but if you ever wish to change the way you eat then I highly suggest checking out Clean Living Club.

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