Full Moon • Blue Moon • Lunar Eclipe

There is so much going on with our moon cycle right now and it is all over the internet so I am not going to say too much about it but it is a great time to let go, stay motivated and do a short meditation today. Motivate ~ motivates, courage boosting because we allContinue reading “Full Moon • Blue Moon • Lunar Eclipe”

One Word Giveaway!

Originally posted on Off on a Whim – Custom Japanese Powerstone Jewelry:
Kicking off 2018, Off on a Whim is launching a #2018OneWord tag Giveaway! Pop over to our FB page to enter, leave a comment on the post there and cross your fingers and toes!! We are giving 3 prizes away to 3 random…

Winter Blues Diffuser Blend

  Winter Blues Buster diffuser blend ❄️ Don’t let the Winter blues take over. Stay focused on what you set out to do this year, diffuse and apply oils as needed and keep going. You got this! ❄️ Diffuser Blend 2 Sun Rhythm 2 Juniper Berry 2 Frankincense ☃️ Don’t have any of these amazingContinue reading “Winter Blues Diffuser Blend”

Playing In The Snow

In my zone. I don’t LOVE the cold but I do LOVE the mountains and snow. For the last few months, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with turning 45 on January 8th. Usually, age never bothers me and I’m not totally sure why 45 has been so much for me. I’m still young and I’veContinue reading “Playing In The Snow”