Deep Blue

Think soothing. Deep Blue is for pain and it works in amazing ways. If you follow my InstaStories on Instagram you may have been seeing a lot of posts about my workouts lately…forgive me but posting about them keeps me on track and inspired and for all the friends that send me messages regarding myContinue reading “Deep Blue”

Seasonal Blend Softgels Tri-Ease

Tri-Ease soft gels can be really helpful for seasonal allergies, hay fever, congestion, head colds and headaches. Ingredients • Lemon: Antioxidant, antiseptic, promotes respiratory health and cleansing. • Lavender: Calming • Peppermint: soothes digestion, stimulates the brain and helps decrease allergy symptoms.


Lemon the oil of focus is a super versatile essential oil. If you are feeling really unfocused or trying to get your kids focused on doing their homework then lemon is your friend. You can diffuse it, smell it from the bottle apply to your wrists and temples. Lemon is also very helpful when youContinue reading “Lemon”