Passion • Emotional Therapy Blend

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The oil for finding your passion.
It’s sexy, inspiring, passionate, risk-taking, alive, playful, stimulating, spontaneous and oh so very creative

Women friends let’s keep up with all of our joys in life. If you’re not feeling alive inside go take a long look in your eyes in a mirror and find that passion within again. It’s there. It’s always been there. Start telling yourself things that will help you find that passion if it’s lost. Get those post-it notes out and start posting them all over your house with inspiring messages. Keep your passion lit🔥 for life. For real… it can only get better if you truly want it.
Passion blend is my everyday go-to blend. I’m in love with its depth and it’s been my inspiration for my personal growth and health journey for the last few months. I diffuse it next to my bed at night and smell it throughout the day when I’m feeling low. It has Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove, Sandalwood, and Jasmine. It’s great for low libido & sexual performance. It can lift you up from depression, clear mental fog and help with poor circulation.
Apply to bottoms of feet, diffuse, inhale from hands or bottle. Wear as a perfume. Apply a small amount on your hips when you’re feeling it 🔥😘💋 Emotional Therapy Blend

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