NFR Japan & US doTERRA August 2018 Promotion

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If you can purchase doTERRA through the Japan NFR or US market this month you can get the New Zealand Manuka and the Litsea for FREE with a 200PV order. This is a very special deal for everyone.


Top Uses

Asthma attack, spastic coughs, bronchitis
Apply to the chest or inhale

Cronic back pain
Apply to affected areas

Eczema, acne & oily skin
Apply to the chest, or add to doTERRA’s
unscented lotion

High blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, anxiety
Apply to the chest, back of the neck, and or smell from the bottle

Cough, cold, chills & infections
Apply to the chest, back of the neck or along your spine.

Seasonal blues, negative thinking or speaking
Diffuse or inhale from cupped hands

Nervous tension, headaches, stressed mind
Apply across the forehead, on temples, diffuse

Cellulite, excessive perspiration, athlete’s foot

Litsea is known as the oil of manifestation
Its positive properties are inspired, intuitive, aligned, receptive, manifesting, trust of inner voice, clarity, open to possibilities

Manuka Touch

Top Uses

Manuka Touch is diluted with fractionated coconut oil.

Achy joints & muscle pain
Massage into affected area

Dandruff, scalp issues
Apply to scalp

Athlete’s foot, toe fungus, or fingernail issues
Apply to bottoms of feet

Irritated & chaffed skin, acne, rashes
Apply to affected areas

Cold, fever, cough, sinus, congestion, asthma
Diffuse or inhale from the bottle or roll on your hand, rub
and inhale from cupped hands.

Muscle spasms, contractions
Apply diluted with Eucalyptus over the affected area
followed by a hot compress

Indigestion, spicy food issues, toxicity
Apply to abdomen

Seasonal allergies & sensitivity to dust, pets & dander

Bites, stings & burns
Apply to the affected area

Damaged skin, scars, wounds
Apply to affected areas

Mental Stress, anxiety, high blood pressure
Diffuse, apply to the back of neck, forehead, and or chest

Manuka the oil of being upheld
Positive Properties: soothed, comforted, healing, loved, cared for
upheld, known by the divine, grateful.



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