Head Tension Blend


40055298_10156647550776419_935863637107539968_nHere’s a roller bottle blend that was sent to me from a woman in the States who I sent some Hinoki to awhile ago. I love hearing about others experiences with our Japan only oils. ⠀⠀
This blend works really well when dealing with head tension and migraines. ⠀⠀
15💧 Deep Blue
20 💧 Copaiba
10💧 Frankincense
5💧 Hinoki
Add to a 10ml roller bottle topped off with fractionated coconut oil. Apply wherever you are having head or neck tension, as needed. ⠀⠀

Published by Heather Dettmann

Mandala Artist drawing mandala art inspired by nature. Body Movement for our mind.

2 thoughts on “Head Tension Blend

  1. Good evening/morning Heather,

    I would like to order Hinoki and if you would let me know what is the cost. I am aware of the cost of shipping. I’m sure you have my mailing address. Contact me via email. I kind of closed my facebook for awhile.

    Thank you,

    Sharon C.


    1. Hi, Sharon if you click on my “contact me” button on the top menu of this website you can send an email my way. I have sent so many oils out soI am sorry but I do not have your information. Thank you


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