Reducing Stress With Hinoki Oil


Topical & Aromatic only

Hinoki is steam distilled from wood.

Primary Uses
Calming, Colds, Rashes, Cleaning, Cuts & Scrapes, and Reducing Stress.

Topical Uses
Add a few drops to a cup of Epsom salts and add to your bath water for a super relaxing bath.
Add to a carrier oil and massage into your legs, arms, stomach, feet, neck, and shoulders to help you relax.

Aromatic Uses
Diffuse daily here are some great diffuser blends that I use often. Add a drop in your palm, rub hands together, cup hands over nose and take 5 long deep breaths when you are feeling unbalanced, not in the flow, fearful, distracted, lethargic, self-loathing or unable to speak up for yourself.

Hinoki is protective, wise and righteous perhaps that is why it is historically used in Japan for building royal palaces and sacred baths because of its beautiful aroma and natural properties for resisting bacteria, fungi, and insects.

Hinoki can be used during cold and flu season as well. You can add a drop to a carrier oil and rub it on your chest to help with respiratory issues.

It truly helps with reducing feelings of anxiety and is highly recommended for use during meditation.

Hinoki blends well with Yuzu, Orange, Marjoram, Copaiba, Bergamot, Frankincense, Juniper Berry, Rosemary, Floral oils and Clary Sage. It is a clean, woody, citrus, spicy aroma. It is not a super intense oil, in fact, it is very relaxing.

Here are a few of Hinoki’s positive attributes:
Strength, Comfort, Stillness, Direction, Trust, Wisdom, Willpower, Straightforwardness, and Confidence.

I love using Copaiba and Marjoram together with Hinoki. Here is my most recent blend that I use when I have muscle pain.

Recycle a 15ml doTERRA bottle and add
20 drops of Copaiba
20 drops of Marjoram
10 drops of Hinoki, top it off with a carrier oil and a spray top.
Copaiba & Marjoram will ease the muscle pain and the Hinoki will help with circulation, inflammation and is very calming. ⠀


Here is another great recipe I use for Head Tension


If you have any questions about the Hinoki oil you can message me on my public Facebook Page Heather Minowa’s Circle Essence Community or email me.


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  2. Please PM me about Hinoki essential oil. Do you also have access to Yuzu? My Facebook name is Joanna Weiser Wright.

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