2019 Welcoming Well-Being

Happy New Year


2018 was about strength, passion, heartbreak, communication, thriving, music, perseverance, confusion, health, success, movement, breakthroughs, falling in love with myself, dōTERRA essential oils, books, podcasts, travel, interviews, letting go, and most importantly facing my own bullshit and going deep while getting grounded.

I now step into the journey of 2019 and beyond. I am evolving. We all are. I trust and believe in myself and the experiences ahead. I am dedicated to the experiences and to sharing with YOU.

While celebrating my 46th birthday on January 8th and for the next seven days (starting tomorrow) you will see a post with my Mandala Essence Cards, a mantra and the emotional properties of the oil I share that day. The six mandalas that I will share represent 6 different essential oils that comprise a beautiful crafted essential oil blend called ‘Earth’ by my amazing friend Barbara Seie. We ask you to take a moment with each oil, the mantra, and mandala to help you understand the energetics that makes up the Earth Blend.

If you don’t have these oils you can get them through me. The Earth Blend is for everyone, not just people that are into essential oils. Allow these oils to give you an experience of well-being as we move into a new year.

Look for the first Mandala Essence Card tomorrow. I am so grateful to take the next step with YOU.

Published by Heather Dettmann

Mandala Artist drawing mandala art inspired by nature. Body Movement for our mind.

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