Inner Essence

It is our Inner Essence that leads the way each day.

Your Inner Essence is your foundation

Chakras are energy centers in your body. Earth chakra, the base of all six chakras, is the gateway between your energetic self and the physical world. You will recognize when your Earth chakra is balanced with a sense of grounding and connection.
Earth is the foundation of our well-being practice.

If you purchased an Earth Blend through me then I ask you to apply this oil blend on the bottoms of your feet, and the base of your spine every morning and night for a week or longer. Work with this blend if you are feeling off center. If you can not make decisions easily or you are always feeling overwhelmed with life. You can also roll this beautiful blend in the palms of your hands and cup your hands over your nose and take a few long deep breaths at any time you are feeling ungrounded.

Heather Minowa

Thank you to all that purchased the Earth Blend. Our Second Chakra Blend, Water, will be released mid-February 2019.

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