Hinoki Helps With Overwhelm & Anxiety

Overwhelm & anxiety girl was who I was last week. ALL week long.
One reason was plain and simple. Perimenopause. It is a very real deal and I can not say I love it but I am living it and learning how to get a grasp on things day by day.
When I feel this way I tell myself a whole load of crap stories and I am the only one that can reverse these stories. So what did I do…
Hinoki oil. I absolutely love the calming effect it has on me and it brings me back home to my center where I remind myself that these crap thoughts are not who I am.
This oil has been a game changer for me when facing anxiety and overwhelm.

Published by Heather Dettmann

Mandala Artist drawing mandala art inspired by nature. Body Movement for our mind.

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