Fire Chakra Oil Release!

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This Fire Chakra Oil supports our energies of determination and accomplishment. These energies of determination and accomplishment manifest through the fire element located at our fire chakra – found in the area of our solar plexus (just above the navel).

This oil blend is crafted by Seie Morrison, then made and wrapped with love by Heather Dettmann (Minowa). The Fire Chakra Oil is made up of Rosemary, Juniper, Lemon, Bergamot, Lime, and Grapefruit.

When you order the Fire Chakra Oil, you will also receive the Fire Mandala by Heather Dettmann (Minowa).

Please send Heather a private message for payment details.

Available worldwide.

Cost: Japan: 3,500¥
Worldwide: $35.00 USD

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