Mental Wellness Tuesday

I’m starting a series, a habit, a thing. It’s called Mental Wellness Tuesday. It’s a check in ✅ with yourself… myself… us.

So follow my blog, tell your friends about it and have them follow it. I may even start a weekly Saturday post that will help pump you up and remind you of how awesome you are.

Do you

Here’s a tip. Spend an hour or more with you. No phone. No friends. Do it when the kids are at school or taking a nap. Just you. Nature is a great place to start. Coffee shops distract so I suggest somewhere that brings ease. Basically… nature. Just relax. Breathe. Write. Read something that inspires you. I have loads of book selections… hmmmm perhaps I need to start sharing those as well.

As you can see I’m starting to feel inspired and I want you to feel inspired too. It all begins with you.

Have a beautiful day and find that time slot for yourself. Come back and visit my little online journal here for weekly inspiration.

Hugs & kisses

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