Mental Wellness Tuesday

Mind&Body connection. I sat here this morning in front of my computer thinking about how today is Tuesday in my part of the world but Tuesday is ending in other parts of the world. Why does this matter? It doesn’t. I think too much.

Most likely a vast majority of humans on this planet think way too much. We make up stories in our heads that are simply not true and do not exist, except in our heads. It is exhausting…don’t you think?

This week I am going to share what helps me not think so much. I mean thinking is important so don’t get me wrong here. It is just really and I mean really important to think about shit that actually matters. I may be sharing what you already know…of course. But the key here is that I want us to learn to let go of the drama in our heads and be here now. I did not go to a university to learn about this…well actually I did…it is called the university of life.

Let me share a bit of my her-story with you.
In 2015 my life changed, that is when my mom passed away.
My mom passed away because of mental illness.
I know this because I grew up with her. That is good enough for me to be sitting here sharing my thoughts with you to help make our lives a bit better each day.

The stress of losing my mom while living overseas was…well… hard. But what was really hard was realizing that I was not in a good place in mind and body. It took me a few years to get my shit together but I figured out that if I move my body my mind will be in a much happier place. We can only help ourselves. That is it. The person you see in the mirror everyday is your soul responsibility. What you choose to do with your thoughts and actions is all up to you.
Live in fear.
Live in joy.
It is your call.

Here I am at my gym in America. One of those cheap Planet Fitness gyms. I love it because it works for me. I spent loads of money on a fancy gym in Japan that is no different than this cheap gym. I thrive after a good workout. I also have days when I make up a million excuses as to why I can not workout today. This has been the case for me since I moved to America, in 2020. I have had a very challenging time with keeping myself pumped. Here is the thing…shut off your negative thoughts about yourself and others as if they were passing clouds. Just let them float on by and go out and do something else…like a long walk with kick ass music in your ears. Go to the gym. Jog in place in your living room. Dance like a wild monkey. When I was a child and I saw my mom dancing her ass off to Lionel Richie in our living room it made her HAPPY! I wish she would have done it more. Are you getting my point here?

Move your body. Not to lose weight.

Do it for your mind.

Have a beautiful week.
Hugs & Kisses

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  1. Great advice love the inspiration!! Keep going and stay positive we are all amazing creatures but If we struggle we know it’s part of
    Our human condition as well as a connection to one another

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