It is all coming together!

I am beyond excited to share this with you.I have been working my ass off this year at jobs that were damn challenging and time-consuming. Over the last few months, I cut back from working for others and took that time to work on what I love.Drawing Organic Mandala Designs.In two weeks I have myContinue reading “It is all coming together!”


Spread Your Wings with Peacock! This mandala and most of my works are inspired by my world travels. Many years ago I went to Australia, this was a huge dream of mine. During my time there I was blessed to see peacocks roaming about in the wild. These birds are magical! Peacocks symbolize re-growth andContinue reading “Peacock”

Holiday Craft Fair

Here I am a year and a half into rebuilding my life in America after 13 years in Japan. Phew!!! what a trip it has been. So many emotions on so many levels and that is not what this journal post is about. I am here to invite you to the first holiday fair thatContinue reading “Holiday Craft Fair”

Mental Wellness Tuesday

One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is honestly not care what other people think about you. People will judge you. They will talk behind your back. They will create drama just for the hell of it. Not losing ourselves in all the chaos that we may create for ourselves or thatContinue reading “Mental Wellness Tuesday”