Float Tank Experience

Indigo Float, Denver Colorado

My first float pod in 2022. My second in all. What exactly is a Float Pod? It’s a Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) It’s a soundproof tank with about a foot of saltwater. And it’s completely dark. The benefits of a float are muscle relaxation, better sleep, a decrease in pain, and decreased stress & anxiety. Here’s my experience. The first float I did was cool, and honestly a bit stressful. I couldn’t relax as much because I was completely discombobulated, to be honest. But it was very cool and I had decided to do it again.

Today I had my second float and it was way better than the first. I was able to relax and navigate my way through the entire float without lifting the pod lid to make the lights come on. Huge difference. Huge benefits. I’m in love with floating.

Here’s some tips from my floating experience.

Find a place that offers first time introductory floats. They are cheaper because let’s be real… a float isn’t cheap but it will cost you about the same as a 60 minute massage. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter from the place you have chosen to float. They will have random deals and they are well worth it if you like floating. I suggest you do it twice because honestly the first time can be awkward and if you decide whether you will float or not off of that first float you may not want to float again.

My second float was amazing compared to my first. I knew how to navigate myself and prepare better for floating in a pitch black tank of saltwater. And I did not have to get out of the tank or lift the lid so the outside lights would come on. I laid there for an hour in darkness. At one point I couldn’t feel my body. I felt like I was in space. I stopped thinking about alllll the things. I just let it go. I came out of it with a bundle of creative ideas, my skin was soft and tight, I literally felt amazing.

Indigo Float

Try it if you’re curious. Do it twice to see if it’s for you. Happy floating my friends.

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