I’ve Been Having Dreams

You know the kind of dreams that feel so damn real when you wake up. The dreams that give you energy and make you believe that you hit a point that you may have thought was never possible. Then you tell someone close to you about the dream and they remind you that it was indeed a dream because it did not happen. Yes, I said…you are right with a little chuckle and a deep sigh of disappointment. This was a lesson I suppose… a lesson of knowing that not all dreams will come true unless you work consistently on them and if you are dreaming about others that are not on the same page as you, that dream may never come true. It was a reminder that the past is the past and to have hope for the past is, well, a damn waste of my time. Now, to have hope for the future, my future, is indeed tangible. And so here I am going back to the basics but with a step into leveling up to connect with you, to motivate myself and you.
Welcome to my newly updated website. It is only going to get better from here.

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