Observing Our Thoughts

Monday morning meditation starts with my Calm app

I meditate every morning and have been since 2012. Over the years it has changed my life in huge ways. It has not always been a perfect track record of morning meditations but I have done my best to get on my butt on my pillow and sit for at least 10 minutes a day. I have practiced with Deepak Chopra, and have had training with meditation teachers over the years. I recently downloaded the Calm app (I am not getting paid to share this information with you) and I am happy with it. It shares with me all the perspectives I need to hear.

Taken in Utsunomiya Japan. Rice field.

I believe that we have choices with how we think. It does not matter how you were brought up. You can overcome the ways that may have been beaten into your mind. That time no longer matters. What does matter is the now. Observing our thoughts is simply being aware of our thoughts. You have a thought and you are allowed to question that thought. Perhaps it is a thought that is causing dis-ease…so what you do is ask yourself…” is this who I am?” answer your own question and see how you feel. Keep it simple…don’t overthink. Just flow. 2022 is here for us to flow into the new. Let’s keep it kind and real.

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