Sunday Mood

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Sunday is for chill time or getting all the things you want to get in before the week begins. I have been a bit absent from my blog because I was in Moab Utah a week ago and this past week I have been super inspired and getting my jam on in so many ways. Like joining a new gym that I absolutely love! If you do not love your gym you will not workout. So be sure to love your gym.

Hold on tight because I am going to start sharing some of my favorite things that I have purchased over the years from Amazon. I have great taste and I know that what I share can help you. I love love love wearing yoga pants, I mean it is kinda the thing here in America. But summer is hot and yoga pants can be a bit much. So I found these capri yoga pants that are light weight and have side pockets. They are great for festivals, work (depending on what you do), the gym, taking the dog for a morning walk, home workouts, hiking, or just going out and about. When you follow my link to Amazon you are not only purchasing something awesome for yourself you are helping me as well. We have been blessed with being able to get suggestions from real people rather than ads so why not use this to our advantage.

There are tons of colors, they are comfy and cool. Check them out here or click on the colors below.

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