A Few Of My Favorite Things

Every week I run into all the things but I certainly do not buy all the things. I purchase things I know that I am going to use. I have decided to share some of my weekly finds every Saturday. Things that could make life a bit more organized and comfy for you.

Let’s start with beach bags. Yes, summer is still shiny and bright and THIS bag has been my everything when leaving the house on road trips, to the pool, and of course the beach when I can get to one. I said it in another post and I will say it again THESE Capri leggings are the bomb! The best everyday or workout pants I own. I just bought my 4th pair today. LOVE THEM!!

So I have this thing with FITBIT… I REALLY like them. I prefer this thinner design, the LUXE because I do not like heavy watches on my wrist. It helps me not miss important messages, and keep track of how active I am, especially my daily step count and it is an all-around simple watch. If you are dedicated to your health and want a tracker this is the best one I have found. I have been using different FITBIT watches since 2018 so I am pretty seasoned with knowledge. On a different note let’s talk about iced coffee or tea. Every week I make a batch or two of iced coffee so I can have some on the go. I store it in this 1-quart easy pour bottle in the fridge and this is my current favorite coffee.

I will wrap it up there and share more next week. Happy shopping, and have a BEAUTIFUL weekend! Just a reminder that you are loved, you are beautiful and you are a total ass-kicker that can do all the positive things in this world. You ROCK! Thank you for reading.

*Everything I have added links to above I will receive a commission on if you purchase them.
I share what I love to help you so of course a bit of commission helps me too.

Love Love

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