Colorado Dispersed Camping

Dispersed Camping:

Dispersed camping is the term used for camping anywhere in the National Forest OUTSIDE of a designated campground. Dispersed camping means no services. This means you leave NO TRACE, pick up your trash, and bring a shovel because there are no toilets. There may be picnic tables and fire pits. It is wise to learn how to disperse camp before just going out there.

The benefits of dispersed camping:

Usually very quiet and campsites are very spread out so you are not camping next to anyone. If you find a good one you could experience some amazing views that many people do not see unless they are as adventurous as you.


If you need to have cell service it is best to do your research to find sites that have service. They do exist. YouTube has some suggestions. Be sure to have your shit together with your food. Animals will smell food and come to your campsite, and some animals you do not want visiting your little cozy outdoor home.
Personally, we prefer a rooftop tent. We have a RoofNest and absolutely love it! Keep it quiet, and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature. You are there to relax and reboot so if you need to have access to cell service be sure to limit your time on your device. No need to have your head in your phones, we do enough of that in our daily routines.
Take hikes, bring bear spray, do your research, and leave no trace.

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Places that we have been this summer

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