Those Loud Mornings

Do you have those mornings when everything is so loud you can barely focus? Those mornings when you wake with a million things racing through your head, and nothing seems to be going your way. Those mornings…yes those mornings are a reminder to calm the F down. To take a few steps back, to breathe, to realize that shit happens and that just because your day may have started on a shit foot that you do not have to have the rest of your day feel this way. That you can take your negative feelings and twist them around into better and more inviting energy. Every morning I read a page from a book that inspires me. It helps. Today was from the book Heal.Grow.Love. by Pierre Alex Jeanty. Here is a page from my morning read. This is a reminder for all the ones that may be grieving right now or still grieving from loss. I know I do. This helped me this morning. These are wise words.

Now go out there and have a beautiful day. I love you.

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