Movement Is Therapy

I am a full-on believer that moving our bodies is incredibly healing. I am not just talking about going for a run or to the gym I am talking about dancing your butt off! Whether it is at a festival, a club, or in your living room. Just do it! It clears your mind, helps you let go of any stressors and it is a great way to meet up with your friends and meet new people. I am all about meeting new people these days. This year has been a detox from people that I am not in alignment with any longer and it has been amazing! The new opportunities that have opened up for me. I feel lighter and happier. I always say…Say YES to new adventures. We got one life as we know it so make it rock my friends.

Now in other news, I have a SALE going on in my Etsy Shop this weekend!!! Woohooo!!! All my stickers are on sale! Stickers are awesome gifts and they can be an extension of who you are by showing them off on your tumblers, car windows, computers, phone cases, journals, and so much more.

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