Cozy Blankets & Crisp Air

Everyone is talking about the full moon, pumpkin spice lattes, and how Instagram will not show their pictures. Fall is in the air. The years keep zooming by faster and faster. 2022 is a bit of a blur of a hot summer and airline chaos. Many talk about the stock market dropping and missing the boat on selling their home for way more than it is worth. I do not own a home or stocks, so I am fine. In case you were curious.

Welcome to Timberline Moon

This season always kicks me in gear.
The end of the year takes me closer to another year around the sun. It is time for me to listen to my inner essence, time to make sure I have done or am working towards the goals I set for myself in January.
January 2023 I will hit a new decade. That one they used to call “Over The Hill” but now it is called “The New 30’s” or something like that. Age is a number and a blessing so I will take it. I still go out and dance with my favorite DJs on the decks, the only difference now is that I get VIP so I do not have to dance in the sweaty crowd of humans. I have less desire to listen to people’s drama, which tends to put me in a place where I have fewer “friends” and I really do not care. There is a buzz about the iPhone 14, which is not within my budget. The reality of living overseas for 13 years and having an English teaching career that means nothing in the world of careers here in America is humbling, to say the least. The time and energy I put into working for companies in America do not deserve me. In a nutshell, they pay shit. I am an amazing asset to any company. I put one foot forward to continue to work for them while I work hard in the background building my own business. Most who surround me could never imagine the life a foreigner lives in Japan. I won’t and can not label it but I continue to think about it from a distance. Use what it taught me. Everyone should live in a different culture. It should be required in school.


I am preparing for departure in 5 months for the land of the rising sun. It has been too long. Too many tears. I am ready. The planning is in full effect. The excitement creates goosebumps. I need to practice my Japanese in Duolingo stat. I will wrap this up with a deep bow to the Queen of England and a new season upon us. My wish for you is that you find the motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle, laugh, and smile more. To stand in the light of positivity and cheer others on. There is no time for negativity. It happens but it does not need to dig deeply into your soul. Lighten up. If you haven’t heard from me personally in a while do not take it personally. I am in my zone. It is a good thing. I love you.

I have art available in my shop. There will be more dropping in there soon. Your support helps me and my journey to Japan to see my children. Thank you. You are amazing.

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