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Experiences Bring Happiness

Things I purchased over the last few years that helped make my daily lifestyle and travel experiences easier.

Want to know about the BEST purchases I have made these past few years?

Let me begin with sharing the fact that I absolutely love supporting small businesses and do when I find something that I believe is going to bring others and myself joy. I will be sharing another gift guide post this week that will highlight all the small businesses that I love to purchase from so stay tuned!

I am a firm believer that experiences bring people more joy and memories than things. When I share blogs or post about buying this or that it simply means that these items have helped me enjoy my experiences more. I could live without these things but I do choose to buy things that I think are awesome.

From camping gear to a cell phone stand, I believe that these are some of the best items to purchase for yourself or to gift to others.

All suggestions below are USA Amazon purchases only. I will be creating a few more blogs over the next few weeks that will include my Amazon Japan purchases, AND a few blogs that will open your eyes to new small businesses that I support around the globe.

The list below includes my top 10 picks!

Happy Shopping!!!!

Travel Backpack is my NUMBER 1 choice right now.
This backpack is so roomy! I used it for a recent trip to Florida and it was absolutely perfect for a personal item. I could fit my laptop, my iPad, my neck pillow, several books, wallet and still had tons of room for more! It also has a USB port so all I had to do was hook up my external battery to the bag and I was ready to recharge my phone when needed. If you travel often I highly suggest this simple roomy backpack for you next adventure.
Kroser Backpack

Tupperware…but wait! It is collapsible!!! OK… I can hardly believe that I am posting about Tupperware right now but these are freaking fantastic! Super awesome for traveling or not. We use them when we camp and at home, pack up for lunches too. This one is a no brainer if you have kids and need something to put those blueberries or crackers in for the car ride to the store.
Collapsible Storage Containers

Desk Calendar October 2022-March 2024
My desk calendar is my everything! I use it to remind me of bill payments, kids events, work schedule, and the list goes on and on! I bought this one this year because it started in October of this year and runs until March of 2024 so I do not need to be bothered with getting a new desk calendar for some time now. Want to be organized? This is a deal breaker for me and I even got my boyfriend on board and now he is on top of his game with staying organized.
Desk Calendar

Time to talk about sleep. Since I moved back to America in 2020 I have had a heck of a time finding the “right” pillow and it has been a pain in the neck…for real!
FINALLY I found a pillow that I absolutely LOVE! It only took over 2 years so hopefully my recommendation will help you if you are not loving your pillow game these days. I am a side sleeper and stomach sleeper and this pillow is great for both. My boyfriend is a side and back sleeper and he loves this pillow as much as I do. Happy ZZZZZZZZ’s
Osteo Cervical Pillow

My cell phone stand game has been changed forever. I am thankful for my daughter for giving me the tip on this cell phone stand. It is PERFECT! I have it set up on my desk for video calls and it works great when I am looking at recipes on my phone while cooking. It is affordable and helps me from always looking down at my phone. Highly recommended.
Cell Phone Stand

Oh my FitBit!!!! I have been wearing FitBits for years and years and I love this one the best. It is lightweight and gives me everything I need in a watch/step counter.
FitBit Luxe

I admit I do like to change out my FitBit wristbands quite a bit. I will add these on here as a little fun bonus! Take note…for women I would go with a small/med size on these the large was too big for me.
Luxe FitBit Watch Bands

Let’s talk about camping! We may not be in the season for it but believe me seasons comes and go super fast and it is best to be prepared for camping season now rather than later. Maybe you love to camp or someone you know loves to, either way this water pump has been so incredibly handy while out in the wilderness.
Water Pump

BEAR Real Fruit Snacks.
Bobby Approved – if you know you know.
Great snacks for kids, gluten free, vegan and non GMO.
There is not much more to say except, if you want your kids to be eating healthy snacks then you really can not go wrong with these.
BEAR Fruit Snacks

Beach Bag
Going to the beach this Winter? Or maybe a long weekend away in the mountains? Either way this bag is so roomy and holds a lot of items. Really great for a beach day or a weekend getaway. I love mine! It also comes in loads of different designs if this design is not your jam. Oh and that big pocket on the side will fit all different sizes of water bottles which was a true bonus for me.
Beach Bag/Weekend Getaway Bag

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