Your Own Work Is What Matters

Picture this.
You work really hard towards something…like super hard and suddenly, or perhaps not so suddenly it falls apart or just does not work out at all how you planned.
Something happens and the project or the speech you have worked on for years or months did not make the cut. Or the people you were working with, dating, or even married to became someone else, someone you could not recognize any longer. And everything you worked so damn hard on was over. Gone. Poof. No longer in your hands.
It is over. You feel awful.

You may feel completely overwhelmed with emotions. Cry, let it out. It is ok.
You are ok.

Understand this.
It was meant to be this way. There is a reason it did not work out. It is ok.
You are ok.

It is now your job to become stronger from all of this.
It is time to shine in a new way.
I am here to share this with you because I have been through it. In fact, I am going through it all right now and I am keeping it real and in perspective for myself so I decided to share it with you.
That is what I do. That is why I have this blog.

Share my blog, follow my blog.
All I want to do is share what I have learned.
I hope it helps you.
Thank you. I love you. You are loved.
Love Heather

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