Whatever Day

Friday is whatever I want to post about kind of day because it is the end of the week and really how many f*cks do we give by the time Friday rolls around?!

Honestly, I had it all planned out. What I was going to share today. I got home from work and errands. Sat on the couch and was like F*ck I need to write a blog today! As promised because I am all about staying consistent this year…so here I am. I can not promise that every blog will be full of awesomeness and lacking profanity because I do like to swear every now and …well I swear as often as I want. I decided that when I turn 50 I am not holding back.

Anywho…here is my share today.

A new book I just got and totally love.
You can find it on Amazon if you are into it here is the link

You can click on the picture too to get my link

You are welcome

Have a rocking weekend!

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