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I’m thankful for having faith in the universe that everything is in it’s right place even when things are uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable pushes us to make changes.

A week of breakthroughs for me. Mixed with some depression and a whole lot of love for the people that take the time to reach out.

Understand that having boundaries with others is healthy and empowering. If someone or something is not in alignment with who you are or who you’re working to be then let them go for now or however long needed.

Today’s tip. Set yourself up for less stress in the morning. Prep your clothes and all the things you need for your morning to run smoothly. I set out my book, and supplements next to my coffee cup because I know I won’t miss them if they are by my cup. I meditate, and read in the morning. If I have the time I get my daily 20 minute HIIT workout in too. If it doesn’t happen in the morning it’s happening in the afternoon.

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