“When we are unable to motivate ourselves we are missing the point of living the most amazing life we can live.”

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  • Balance

    Balance is a constant adjustment. Balance brings in a new light. It allows us to see that there is something else there. Taking the time to sit and write in a journal, even a few lines, or several pages. Go with what flows from you. Listen to how you are feeling. Feel your body. You […]

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  • Relationship Adventures

    RELATIONSHIPS CAN BE HARD AND TAKE A LOT OF WORK! Listen here… I have had my fair share of relationships and a 13 year marriage that ended in divorce. Guess what… at age almost 50 I believe I know what I want and how to do it. I’ve never been so happy in my life […]

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  • Be Led By Your Dreams

    Let the problems be. Problems come and go and it is our job to sort them out as quickly as possible or take a deeper look at them to see if they are really OUR problems or not. Are you feeding on other peoples’ issues? Bringing drama into your life for no reason? Listen LET […]

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  • Cozy Blankets & Crisp Air

    Everyone is talking about the full moon, pumpkin spice lattes, and how Instagram will not show their pictures. Fall is in the air. The years keep zooming by faster and faster. 2022 is a bit of a blur of a hot summer and airline chaos. Many talk about the stock market dropping and missing the […]

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  • Movement Is Therapy

    I am a full-on believer that moving our bodies is incredibly healing. I am not just talking about going for a run or to the gym I am talking about dancing your butt off! Whether it is at a festival, a club, or in your living room. Just do it! It clears your mind, helps […]

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  • Those Loud Mornings

    Do you have those mornings when everything is so loud you can barely focus? Those mornings when you wake with a million things racing through your head, and nothing seems to be going your way. Those mornings…yes those mornings are a reminder to calm the F down. To take a few steps back, to breathe, […]

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