• Boundaries

    I’m thankful for having faith in the universe that everything is in it’s right place even when things are uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable pushes us to make changes. A week of breakthroughs for me. Mixed with some depression and a whole lot of love for the people that take the time to reach out. Understand that…

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  • Sleep More

    It’s no secret that more sleep heals us. This weeks Mindful Monday reminder is to nudge you to get to bed earlier. To lay off of alcohol because it dehydrates and disrupts a good nights rest. Take better care in 2023. Goodnight ♥️

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  • Whatever Day

    Friday is whatever I want to post about kind of day because it is the end of the week and really how many f*cks do we give by the time Friday rolls around?! Honestly, I had it all planned out. What I was going to share today. I got home from work and errands. Sat…

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  • Wednesday Wins

    Welcome to 2023 where you’ll find me sharing on my blog three days a week. Mindful Mondays will be simple and to the point because to be honest… no one has the time or energy to sit and read blogs on Monday’s. If you do then I am happy you have time to read my…

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  • Confidence In 2023

    For the last 5 years, I have stepped into a new year with a word that helps guide me through 365 days. Some days I remember the word and other days I don’t. The days that I do pay attention to my word are the days I have more personal success with what I am…

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