• Confidence In 2023

    For the last 5 years, I have stepped into a new year with a word that helps guide me through 365 days. Some days I remember the word and other days I don’t. The days that I do pay attention to my word are the days I have more personal success with what I am […]

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  • Winter Solstice 2022

    Colorado As we move into Winter Solstice 2022 we are also moving into an “Arctic Blast” with wind shield at -50F Stepping into Winter powerfully.It’s Capricorn time! Keep Going beautiful people ♥️

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  • Winter

    Winter is here in the northern hemisphere. Deep freeze is on the way. Listen The year is ending. Look at yourself in the mirror and congratulate yourself for all the dark days you made it through. Forgive yourself for anything you did not complete. It will be well worth your time to have self-love and […]

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  • The Wind Blows

    When you lose a pet it is heart wrenching. It gives us personal growth. My dear kitty Umi うみちゃん passed away on 12/9/22 I was very much looking forward to loving on this little guy when I go to Japan next year. He had a different path. This was a tough one… aren’t they all…My […]

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  • Relationship Privacy

    When your family or your partner’s family are always involved in your life your relationship will not last. It’s a steep slope and unhealthy. I’ve been through it several times so I have the experience to speak on it. Make your relationship yours with your partner. Leave the stressful situations with family out of it. […]

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