• Monday Wisdom

    Walk into your week with some wisdom from one of my favorite books.

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  • Mandala Gifts

    My shop is having a sale on everything this weekend! 25% off and free shipping!!! In the US only I’m only shipping within the US this season so grab these while they are here because I am cleaning shop and starting something new in 2023!!!! *If you are on a mobile device be sure to […]

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  • What’s For Breakfast

    A few days ago I decided to go through one of my Instagram Highlights named “Breakfast”. Oh the ideas I got back in 2018 & 2019. I think if there’s anything I could love about documenting these is that I can continue to share with you my favorite meal of the day.

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  • Small Business Gift Guide

    As mentioned in my last blog post I would be sharing some of my favorite small businesses this week. Well, here I am with all the news…ok ok I guess it is not really news but it is some great information and I love supporting small businesses because I have my very own small business […]

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  • Your Own Work Is What Matters

    Picture this. You work really hard towards something…like super hard and suddenly, or perhaps not so suddenly it falls apart or just does not work out at all how you planned. Something happens and the project or the speech you have worked on for years or months did not make the cut. Or the people […]

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  • Experiences Bring Happiness

    Things I purchased over the last few years that helped make my daily lifestyle and travel experiences easier. Want to know about the BEST purchases I have made these past few years? Let me begin with sharing the fact that I absolutely love supporting small businesses and do when I find something that I believe […]

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