Designing my life. My way.

Designing my lifestyle in America after living in Japan for 13 years.
Mandala Artist • Nature Adventurer • Body Movement Enthusiast


  • Float Tank Experience

    My first float pod in 2022. My second in all. What exactly is a Float Pod? It’s a Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) It’s a soundproof tank with about a foot of saltwater. And it’s completely dark. The benefits of a float are muscle relaxation, better sleep, a decrease in pain, and decreased stress & […]

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  • What Is Your Word?

    Started in 2017 with Communication. Each year since I’ve stepped into a new year with a new word.A Word of The Year is motivation for me. When I have a day that is just not going right. I am reminded by my word. It supports my personal growth. It’s a key component to loving myself […]

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  • Consistent

    Consistent Every year I have one word that guides me through my year. 2022 is here… 2021 taught me a hell of a lot about myself.

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  • 10% off ends soon

    All my art in my Etsy shop is 10% off until Wednesday December 15th. Grab a last minute gift today.

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  • Japan Inspired Sticker

    This is a very special design that I drew years ago when living in Japan. Different then most mandala designs I draw. I fell in love with it and never really did much with it, until this year. I decided to jump in and create a 4×4 sticker with it! It’s absolutely brilliant!!! Now available […]

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  • It is all coming together!

    I am beyond excited to share this with you.I have been working my ass off this year at jobs that were damn challenging and time-consuming. Over the last few months, I cut back from working for others and took that time to work on what I love.Drawing Organic Mandala Designs.In two weeks I have my […]

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