• About America

    Listen I am not that into politics…actually they give me a headache because in all realness I think we have hit a point here on Earth where we can see that politicians are not really doing much but causing problems more than solutions. America has had a tough time lately. We have a bad rap…no […]

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  • Camping Lover

    Do you love camping? Do you love stickers? Check out my newest design. I want you to have this on your car, computer, or water bottle, or buy a good friend that loves to camp a cool sticker.

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  • A Room with a View

    When you decide to live the life that you want all will fall into place. Learning how to flow with the currents. Listen to the birds. Breathe in the fresh air. Put down the devices. Just be. Do not do anything but listen. Rest. Taken on BLM land somewhere near Leadville Colorado.

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  • Take a deep breathe my friends

    Learning how to draw on my iPad. New hair. Rebuilding confidence. Taking one day at a time. Love you.

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  • Observing Our Thoughts

    Monday morning meditation starts with my Calm app I meditate every morning and have been since 2012. Over the years it has changed my life in huge ways. It has not always been a perfect track record of morning meditations but I have done my best to get on my butt on my pillow and […]

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  • I’ve Been Having Dreams

    You know the kind of dreams that feel so damn real when you wake up. The dreams that give you energy and make you believe that you hit a point that you may have thought was never possible. Then you tell someone close to you about the dream and they remind you that it was […]

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