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  • Gratitude

    Be gentle with yourself and have a beautiful week.

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  • Lose Yourself

    Only to find yourself.

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  • At That Moment

    There are moments of complete overwhelming emotions. Like literally there is so much happening all at once like a scene from the movie Baraka. At that moment I stop and listen to music. That moment of doing nothing but getting lost in the deep beats. Take deep slow breaths. Remember that even when we try […]

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  • Diffuser Ideas

    You are welcome.

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    I did a thing and this thing has helped me feel like I have actually accomplished something over these last (almost) two years in Colorado. I am featured in SHOUTOUT COLORADO Magazine. It’s online and available in hard copy. I honestly haven’t a clue as to how they found me but that’s how the universe […]

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  • New Mandala

    Master the habit of showing up.Please take care. New mandala by Heather Dettmann.01/19/22

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