About Heather


I’m Heather Dettmann I moved to Japan in 2007, from America. In 2020 I moved back to America, during a pandemic. I have been sharing my experiences of living overseas and moving back to my home country, through social media, for over a decade simply to inspire and motivate people. 


My mandala art is themed into nature mandala art, food mandala creations, and drawing with color pencils on black paper.

I have been studying and creating a variety of mandala techniques that involve meditation and a centering of the self for more than 20 years.
When I draw mandala art for botanical oils I am tapping into the energetics of the plant essence through body movement and meditation. I believe that creating mandala art with food not only creates a beautiful presentation but a meditation that energetically fills meals with nourishment and love. 

My mandala art

Heather Dettmann

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