About Heather



I’m Heather Dettmann I moved to Japan 13 years ago from America. I have two beautiful children and I have been living a conscious lifestyle full of organic foods, running, yoga, meditation, mandala art and chakra studies for over 20 years.

One of my biggest dreams is to share what I love to do with all the humans on this planet. We all benefit from inspiring one another. What I have been very passionate about for over 20 years is my mandala art. The importance of this art has taken a deep turn for me when I discovered dōTERRA’s high-quality essential oils in 2016. These botanical oils leveled up my artwork. Let me explain how.
Many years ago I dreamed of creating small cards with my mandala designs on them. Dream people because you can make dreams into a reality with dedication. I am the creator of Mandala Essence Cards. They are unique in the world of Oracle Cards because the mandala art that I have drawn for each card are direct expressions of the energetic properties of a particular essential oil. What I have done is tapped into the energetics of the plant essence through my own body (movement, dance, scent, etc), then I rendered an image of the oil onto a two-dimensional surface. The oil ‘teaches’ me. My technique has much in common with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s pioneering work on water and the crystalline structures (mandala) exhibited by water that result from the energetics of human emotions.
Allow yourself to dream big dear hearts. When you decide to dedicate your everything to your dreams you will thrive.

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