Heather Dettmann

Hey there, beautiful humans!
I’m Heather, an overseas mom focused on building a kick ass life in my home country, America.
I lived and taught English in Japan for 13 years.
In 2020 I decided it was time to move back to America to rebuild my life for myself and my awesome kids!
I have been on social media for over 15 years I am very knowledgable and I thrive when I share posts that motivate people through body movement and art. I love to help people online and offline.
I am also really kick ass at decorating, and merchandising and hope to learn more in this field.

I draw mandala art that is inspired by nature and I sell it, so please help support what I do because when you do it helps me get closer to the goals I have for my children and I.


I have been studying and creating a variety of mandala techniques that involve meditation for more than 20 years. When I draw mandala art I love to use essential oils ,tapping into the energetics of  plant essences through body movement and meditation. I also love creating mandala art with food, this not only creates a beautiful presentation but a meditation that energetically fills meals with nourishment and love. 

Check out my mandala art


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