Heather Dettmann


I lived in Japan from 2007-2020.
I am now back in my home country, America.
One day I will write a grand book about it.

Nikko Tochigi Prefecture Japan

I have traveled extensively around the world.
I draw from the inspiration I have gathered from my travels.

Thailand • Tokyo • Colorado

My art is created from deep inside my soul.

My mandala designs are organic. Many people think of geometric designs when talking about mandalas. My mandalas are free flowing, they are organic.
I draw an array of designs on black or white paper with Prismacolor pencils and gel pens.
I love what I offer this world through my eyes.

I am a badass and so are YOU!


I have been studying and creating a variety of mandala techniques that involve meditation for more than 20 years. I have studied with Judith Cornell Ph.D. (Rajita Sivananda) who is the award-winning author of MANDALA: Luminous Symbols for Healing. I have also studied with Eileen M. Rose (“Rosie”) a visionary artist and award-winning photographer, visionary artist Julia Weaver, and Lizzie Snow is also known as fortyonehundred.

I created designs for a book and oracle cards that were published in 2019/2020.
Taught over 500 kids in a private school in Japan how to draw mandala art.
And designed a mandala stone garden in Ko Samui at a private residence.

When I draw mandala art I love to use essential oils tapping into the energetics of plant essences through body movement and meditation. I also love creating mandala art with food, this not only creates a beautiful presentation but a meditation that energetically fills meals with nourishment and love.

Check out my mandala art

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