About Heather


I’m Heather Dettmann I moved to Japan in 2007, from America. In 2020 I moved back to America, during a pandemic. I have been sharing my experiences of living overseas and moving back to my home country, through social media, for over a decade simply to inspire and motivate people. 

I am a mother of two beautiful children and I have been living a conscious lifestyle full of organic foods, daily meditation, body movement, mandala art, and chakra studies for over 20 years.

My mandala art is themed into nature mandala art, food mandala creations, and drawing with color pencils on black paper. Part of what I do is tap into the energetics of botanical oils and through my (body movement, dance, scent, etc), I rendered an image of the oil onto a two-dimensional surface.

The oil ‘teaches’ me.

My technique has much in common with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s pioneering work on water and the crystalline structures (mandala) exhibited by water that results from the energetics of human emotions.

Heather Dettmann

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