Reorganized New Start

Starting to organize… well my entire apartment now that I have more time.

We are looking at all the single oils except Hawaiian Sandalwood and Yarrow Pom. I have the Yoga set and Emotional Aromatherapy set. Along with a few other special ones that I use often like Manuka, Holiday Peace, Blue Lotus, Neroli, Magnolia, Northern Escape, Adaptive and Midnight Forest. It feels so good to go through all my oils and wipe them off, put new stickers on them and have them all in front of me like this.
Clean and organized.

More to come when I reorganize the rest of my oils.
There’s something about doing this that feels so good.
A new start.
Have a good week everyone ♥️

dōTERRA Single Oils

Getting Lost

Yokohama Japan

Getting lost.
There is a saying in Japan.

Nanakorobi yaoki (七転び八起き), which means “fall seven timesstand up eight”, or that life will knock you down several times, but all you need to do to win is to stand up one time more.

Basically… never give up hope.

See Through My Eyes

Tokyo Japan

I have seen a lot. I have traveled extensively. I have a shit ton of photos.
I usually draw but lately, I have found a great interest in photos I have taken around the world, and it feels like a perfect time to start sharing.

I will be sharing here on my website along with my ClickASnap

Hinoki Mandala Sticker

Hinoki (wood/leaf): A member of the cypress family, this evergreen tree is often used in Japan for its energetic properties to comfort and soothe, allowing us to move through suffering to find strength.

Hinoki is also referred to as forest bathing in Japan.

This Hinoki sticker was designed by Heather Dettmann and you can now purchase it here

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