Mandala Stickers

Beauties! I have sold out of my mandala artwork and mandala keychains this year! Thank you so much for your love & support.
I do have some real beautiful stickers available for last minute gifts. Order now and I’ll slip them in the mail today!
Thank you to everyone who has liked my new Facebook page
I look forward to sharing with you in 2021!
Be well
Be present
Keep going
Rest when needed
Love you 💋♥️

Orange Blossom Honey & Opal Apples

So yeah… October flew by and it is November of 2020 and to be honest this year has been pretty much a complete blur of wtf’s with a whole lot of of Orange Blossom Honey & Opal Apples.

True story.

The road behind me leads to home.

Colorado you are a beauty.

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