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Business Opportunity

“dōTERRA is a place where you can create the freedom that most people only dream of. Many people spend their lives trading hours for dollars with no end in sight, never having the freedom to pursue their true passions and purpose. Create a different story with dōTERRA”

I will fully admit that I was not going to start this as a business. I was VERY clear about that when enrolling. I wanted nothing to do with an MLM (multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing or direct sales). This IS very different than a “pyramid scheme”, which is illegal.  But after a few months of learning from the amazing team I am on (and be sure you enroll with a team that resonates with you, and that they are truly there to help you advance), with an open heart I dived in, and I will never look back. Here is why.

doTERRA chose the MLM model because they knew that in order to get oils in people’s hands and take essential oils mainstream, they needed to do something different other than selling them off the shelf in a store.  They needed to empower consumers to learn about oils and how to use them safely and effectively. Empowerment takes education and education takes time. The company invests its marketing budget into its members, empowering us to learn more, share better, and improve their lives financially too.

Here’s the thing, most people can not make a living at most MLM companies because their compensation plans are really unfair and set up in an impossible way to get bonuses and decent compensation. doTERRA is nothing of the sort. I work hard with learning, teaching and sharing these oils with others, and I love it so much! I love the LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) point system and that the percentage of what we get on commissions can reach up to 30%! There is so much to love about working with doTERRA. It is the best company I have ever worked with, and I have worked with a lot of companies in my lifetime.

Connect with me if you are considering to start a doTERRA business.

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