How To Use Essential Oils


What are essential oils?

Essential oils are nature’s defense mechanism for plants and cells. The oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, roots, flowers, stems and other parts of the plants.

How do I use essential oils?

Aromatically:  Use a diffuser, add a few drops to your favorite diffuser jewelry (here is my choice of diffuser jewelry), or inhale by putting a drop of oil in your hands, cupping your hands and inhaling the oil.

Topically:  You can apply to feet, ears, chest, back of the neck, head, and troubled areas. For sensitive skin, dilute with fractionated coconut oil.

Internally:  Add to a glass of water, put a drop under your tongue, or put in a capsule. Always make sure you are using pure essential oils when taking internally and check the bottle to be sure it is ok to take that oil internally. I enjoy taking doTERRA supplements, that already have the oils in capsules measured out properly for you.

It is quite common that when people start to buy oils that they love and find an interest in, they are unsure of how to use them all. This could be a bit discouraging for some at first.

The first step, try not to get overwhelmed with all your oils, it happens, but they are precious oils from the Earth and we need time with them, to learn from them, and to understand what works for each of us. Applying the oils in one place on our bodies may work really well for one person but be completely different for others. I ask you to pay attention, perhaps start an oil journal, writing down what you like, what works for what, and where you applied that oil. Step by step. There is no way we could possibly know everything all at once, impossible. Enjoy the journey of understanding your oils.

Let’s learn about some application methods that I have found to be useful. A lot of the information that I am sharing is from the book I Am Fabulous from Desiree Mangandog. Desiree is an acupuncturist and essential oil expert. She specializes in emotional well-being with the use of essential oils and Chinese Medical principals. I highly suggest finding her on Facebook, and buying her book, she shares a great amount of information about doTERRA essential oils.

1. Inhale from your hands: Simply put a drop of oil in the palm of your hands, rub your hands together and cup them over your nose and mouth. When you inhale the aromatic compound travels straight to the brain and shifts our entire chemistry. Amazing, right?! Be careful if you are inhaling a stronger oil, if you do happen to get a strong oil near your eyes or it starts to burn, just put a carrier oil around your eyes or on the spot that is burning.

2. Inside of the wrist creases: This is an easy location to apply oils. Essential oils applied to this area of the body move quickly to the chest area. The lung, pericardium and heart channels also run through the wrist creases.

3. Back of the neck or spine: When you need some mental clarity, apply oils on the back of the neck or up and down your spine. It is a quick way for oils to enter the brain.

4. Bottoms of feet: This is one of the more common places to apply oils, especially if you are going somewhere where you don’t want to smell like essential oils. I work in a school and they are not too keen on me having strong oils on in the classroom,  I believe it will help the students focus better, but the school is not so keen. Applying oils on your feet is a great location for when you need calmness and grounding.

5. Inside of elbow creases: This is a great location to apply oils for emotional well-being. The lung, pericardium and heart channels run through the elbow creases. When applied here, the oils quickly enter the lungs and the heart. In Chinese medicine, these organs are related to sadness and grief.

6. Inside forearms: To have oils circulate through the body quickly, roll up and down the inside of forearms-both sides. Many veins are close to the skin on the inside of the forearms, so the oils enter the bloodstream rapidly. This is the best location to instantly create change in your emotional state.

7. Over the heart area: This location is on the sternum, between the breasts (or nipple line). It is not the literal heart. Apply blends here during times of heartache and disappointment. It is also a great place for applying oils for forgiveness.

8. Around the belly button: This is a great place to apply oils when you need some extra protection and when setting boundaries. Also, to increase immune-system function.

9. Up & down the midline of the belly: Apply oils here when you are in need of a self-confidence and self-worth boost. Our belly has many serotonin receptors that contribute to feelings of happiness and self-esteem. The belly is an underutilized location for essential oil application. This is also a place where you will feel the shift immediately after applying oils.

Watch my video on how to use essential oils safely. 

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