Mandala Art

Inspired By Nature
By Heather Dettmann

My mandala artwork is presented through a variety of techniques that all involve dance meditation to center myself before I start to draw.
I also tap into essential oils to create an image of the vibrational properties of the oil onto a two-dimensional surface.
When feeling inspired I create food mandala art that are energetically and beautifully filled with nourishment and love.

I created this video of my artwork for a Virtual Art Show by underground_school_of_art on Instagram in September 2020.
It is a sneak peek of the work that I have done.

Watch this video

I am building my new Etsy Shop so you can have some of my artwork in your life.

You can now purchase my mandala stickers in my Etsy Shop.

Purchase Mandala Stickers
By Heather Dettmann

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