Meditation Oils



Committing to a daily meditation practice is super important for me. Once I am in my groove with my daily meditation practice my life flows with ease. I enjoy listening to Oprah & Deepak Chopra 21-Day Meditation Experience meditations. I use the app and purchase the meditations which have now created a beautiful library of meditations for me.

Here are some oils that I like to use before I get settled into meditation.

I apply one drop on my 3rd eye the area between the eyebrows. You can also apply oil on your temples, behind your ears, your earlobes, the bottoms of your feet, between your toes, wrists or just simple smell from the palms of your hands, from the bottle or diffuse the oil in a diffuser made for essential oils.


Here are the positive properties of these oils. I get all my information for this from the book Emotions & Essential Oils.

Frankincense: Wisdom • Discerning • Spiritually connected

Sandalwood: Humble • Devotion • Spiritual

Clary Sage: Clarity • Intuitive • Imaginative

Lavender: Expressive • Open • Calm

Neroli: Committed • Kind • Intimate


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