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From losing her self-worth in a foreign country to rebuilding herself on a running track in Japan.

Heather is a courageous overseas mother and inspirational mandala artist. Dedicated to fitness and health. She thrives most when traveling around the world. 

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Track Your Progress

If you have been following my artwork journey you may find that I have been changing things up a bit lately. Late last year I decided to stop selling physical products made by me in my Etsy Shop. I am also taking a break from drawing mandala art and trying out different creations. If you…


I’m thankful for having faith in the universe that everything is in it’s right place even when things are uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable pushes us to make changes. A week of breakthroughs for me. Mixed with some depression and a whole lot of love for the people that take the time to reach out. Understand that…

Sleep More

It’s no secret that more sleep heals us. This weeks Mindful Monday reminder is to nudge you to get to bed earlier. To lay off of alcohol because it dehydrates and disrupts a good nights rest. Take better care in 2023. Goodnight ♥️


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