Nature’s Narrative

Nature’s Narrative (the book) and the Mandala Essence Cards (26 botanical oils) work together synergistically to provide individuals with a helix for healing born from nature herself.

Nature’s Narrative

Nature’s Narrative: Well-being in Body Speech & Mind is a book that brings a unique perspective to the human condition, to the nature of suffering and to how we can address our suffering in ways that are both healing and uplifting for ourselves and others.

Mandala Essence Cards

The Mandala Essence Cards are visual expressions of the energetic properties of the botanical oils contained in the book.

Chakra Oils

The Chakra Oils are botanical oil blends that are shared in Nature’s Narrative and crafted by Barbara Seie Morrison. Heather Dettmann has been offering the chakra oils in 2019 and 2020 so people around the world can experience them before the book is released with the recipes.

“Well-being is an all-encompassing endeavor.”

Barbara seie morrison

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